Vaping against tobacco cigarette

The harmful effects of smoking tobacco cigarette are known to all. It is risky for the health of the smoker as well as for others also. It is because smoke coming out of tobacco cigarette pollutes the air which is then inhaled by others and they also suffer from various health diseases. Although people make constant efforts to quit their habit of smoking but only few are successful in doing so and the remaining people just keep struggling in their efforts. For such people, electronic cigarettes fitted to cartomisers are the best solution. It is useful for those who can’t give up smoking completely but at least can switch over to a safe mode of smoking i.e. vaping through e-cigs, which is in a way smokeless mode of smoking.

e cigThe working phenomenon of e-cig is based on production of vapours from the cartomiser by the process of puffing. These vapours are then converted into gaseous form and the process of inhalation of e-juice vapors in gaseous form is known as vaping. It is quite safe as compared to traditional smoking of tobacco cigarette due to many reasons.

Gas is produced instead of smoke - In this process, a gas is produced by the vapours of e-juice which is instantly inhaled by the user and hence these do not go into the air. There is no production of smoke which makes it quite safe for the user himself and others around him to breathe in the same air where the vaping process is going on.

Vaping doesn’t produce harmful chemicals - Another great advantage of it, over tobacco smoking is that no harmful chemicals are produced in this process. It is just the flavoured e-juice which produces gases to be inhaled by the user. As a result, it helps in preventing some serious or dangerous diseases in the user’s body. Hence, vaping proves to be safe in comparison to tobacco smoking.

Complete absence of tobacco - Vaping is related to e-cigs in which tobacco is completely absent. And tobacco is the chief harmful component present in traditional cigarettes. Complete absence of tobacco and the relevant harms caused by it in the vaping process makes it quite safe for the users.

No addiction in vaping- The traditional form of smoking in the form of tobacco cigarette makes a person addictive towards tobacco and the nicotine. But in case of vaping process, only flavoured juices or minimal amount of flavoured nicotine is used which is not addictive at all. Instead of making a person addicted towards smoking, the process helps in completely quitting the habit of smoking. It is because you can use cartomisers of varying nicotine or e-juice levels and keep on reducing the same gradually and ultimately quitting this habit forever. Therefore, it can be said that vaping helps in complete abandonment of the habit of smoking.

Permitted publicly - Since no smoke is produced in the process; therefore it is allowed in public places. On the other hand, to save other people from the bad effects of smoking, tobacco smoking is prohibited in public places. So you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime.

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